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We are influenced by a lot more than design around us, in our blog we will add photography, architecture, art and anything else that sparks our curiosity. All along with anything happening in the studio and our design classics.

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Vintage packaging illustrations

2019 Calendar Sneak Peek!

9th October 2018

My its busy in the studio! In amongst our work for our lovely clients we have been creating our 2019 calendar. Next year we look to the world of packaging, in particular how our cupboard classics once looked.

Here is just a little sneak peek of what Emma has been drawing. Any excuse to get out the pen and paper, its actually been really fun getting to know every detail of these vintage favourites and the stories behind them.

Each year we send out a Pickle Design calendar out to our clients, but we are happy to send them to anyone who might like one! Contact us to ensure you get one. Non-folded posters will be available for a small fee to cover postage. Not long now!

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