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Françoise Hardy by Stanley Bielecki

60s Pop Captured by Stanley Bielecki

19th August 2016

For World Photography Day 2016 I thought it might be nice to see some iconic stars of the 60s. These brilliant shots were part of an exhibition that ran earlier this year in London, For The Record: 60s Pop Through The Lens, featuring the work of Stanley Bielecki. Above is a superb picture of Françoise Hardy backstage at Top of the Pops in 1965.

Ginger Baker by Stanley Bielecki
Ginger Baker playing with the Graham Bond Organisation at Richmond Jazz Festival, 1965

The Four Tops by Stanley Bielecki
The Four Tops at the Mount Royal Hotel, London, 1965

Bruce Forsyth and The Beatles by Stanley Bielecki
Bruce Forsyth closes the curtain on the Beatles first TV performance at London’s Palladium circa 1963

You must see the original post here for more of his work!

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