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We are influenced by a lot more than design around us, in our blog we will add photography, architecture, art and anything else that sparks our curiosity. All along with anything happening in the studio and our design classics.


Pickle Design Poster Calendar 2021

New Year, New Poster!

11th January 2021

2021 has fully arrived, feeling quite similar to 2020 if we are honest but already we have some great things happening at … [Read more]

V W X Y Z December newsletter

The December Newsletter – V W X Y and Z

18th December 2020

‘V is for Vector’ and ‘W is for Websites’. The beauty of big design without compromise on quality, plus web design is … [Read more]

2020 Pickle Design work round up

2020 Round Up

What a year! Despite the challenges of Covid-19 we have managed to produce some work that we as a studio are really … [Read more]

Restored French Farmhouse

Inside Out House

9th December 2020

This French farmhouse really is an adventure. It feels wonderfully rustic as well as quite unexpected. The owner’s of this crumbling French … [Read more]

1980s Ikea catalogue

1980s Ikea

24th November 2020

I saw a post on Miss Moss which made me smile today. Shared were images from Ikea catalogues from 1983 and 1984. … [Read more]

William Morris Drawings

William Morris’ Drawings

11th November 2020

William Morris is an artist I am so familiar with, his intricate botanical patterns have been part of my life. The wallpaper … [Read more]

Paintings of Jan van Beers

Jan van Beers

28th October 2020

Today I thought I would share some art from Belgium painter Jan van Beers (27 March 1852 – 17 November 1927), his hyper … [Read more]

Resolution, Serifs, Typography and Uppercase, all themes in the October newsletter

The October Newsletter – R S T U

12th October 2020

R is for Resolution, S is for Serif, T is for Typography and U is for Uppercase. This month we talk focus, … [Read more]

Abel Rodríguez captures the Amazon in his intricate pattern like paintings

Abel Rodríguez

7th October 2020

I only recently came across the stunning work of artist Abel Rodríguez. He creates really meticulous drawings of his home, the Colombian … [Read more]

Modern classical interior

Peppertree Villa

23rd September 2020

Classicism executed with modern restraint, love this Australian home. Known as Peppertree Villa this calming sprawling property was built after World War … [Read more]

Cool science up close

Macro Mould

9th September 2020

This is eerily fascinating. Normally when things start to grow mould my reaction is to throw them out, not lean in closer, … [Read more]

Street art that cleans air like trees do

Art That Cleans The Air

24th August 2020

What a brilliant idea, Converse City Forests aims to produce street art that has the cleaning power of 3,000 trees. Amazingly this … [Read more]

Famous artworks recreated at home during lockdown

Famous Artworks Re-created at Home

5th August 2020

Lockdown may have produced many constraints in our lives across the world in these Covid-Times, but you can’t curtail creativity! Life does … [Read more]

N is for Negative Space and O is for Opacity

The July Newsletter – NO

23rd July 2020

Yes – here is what we have in our July newsleter! A different way of seeing things, ‘N is for Negative Space’ … [Read more]


Brightly Coloured Skate Park

15th July 2020

London-based furniture designer Yinka Ilori brings the colour to this new skate park in Lille, France. The La Condition Publique centre boasts … [Read more]

Bio-plastic from fish waste

Something Fishy

22nd June 2020

Or not, that’s kind of the point. UK student Lucy Hughes founded the firm MarinaTex, cleverly cooking up in her kitchen a … [Read more]

Jan Enkelmann London Lockdown Photography

London in Lockdown

3rd June 2020

The recent lockdown across the UK has lead creatives to think a little outside of the box. Firstly because its been very … [Read more]

The June Newsletter 2020

The June Newsletter – LM

2nd June 2020

Flaming June is here and we bring you the next letters from our Alphabet of Graphic Design calendar – L is for … [Read more]

Ceramic artist palettes

Ceramic Artist Palettes

20th May 2020

Aren’t these lovely? What could be better for an artist than ceramic paint palettes. I have to confess I tend to use … [Read more]

Paris duplex with birch plywood

An Apartment Named After The Cat

17th March 2020

This young couple in Paris gave their architect quite a brief, to create an apartment suitable for a young family and a … [Read more]

Please be Seated Installation London

Paul Cocksedge Studio

3rd March 2020

I thought this morning I’d share a couple of projects from London based designer Paul Cocksedge. I love his studio’s playfulness and … [Read more]

An Alphabet of Graphic Design, D and E Newsletter

The February Newsletter – DE

29th February 2020

For February we continue our Alphabet of Graphic Design with the letters D (for Doodling) and E (Emails) – both part of … [Read more]

Woodker vodka packaging with bark effect

Lovely Textured Design

18th February 2020

Woodker is a triple filtered vodka with Polish origin and beautiful minimal packaging. The textured print makes the most of the simple … [Read more]

Botanical drawings from a great collection including fruit, flowers and birds

The Biodiversity Heritage Library

4th February 2020

I love botanical drawings, giving the time I would spend all day happily drawing plants, flowers and trees. Now the Biodiversity Heritage … [Read more]

The Pickle Design January Newsletter

The January Newsletter – ABC

30th January 2020

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2020! We have a new calendar featuring our Alphabet of Graphic Design, each month we’ll explore … [Read more]

The Ribbon Chair a Design Classic by Pierre Paulin

The Ribbon Chair

21st January 2020

I wanted to share a design classic with you today, one with all the curves and colour of the 1960s and 1970s, … [Read more]

An Alphabet of Graphic Design poster

New Calendar for 2020!

8th January 2020

Hello and welcome to 2020. As I am sure you are well aware by now we love calendars. Pretty much every year … [Read more]

The December Newsletter – Bird’s Custard

24th December 2019

For our final newsletter of 2019 we bring you Bisto Gravy, a family favourite and a roast’s best friend. Also in this … [Read more]

Spanish home of artist Tomás Colaço

An Eclectic Artist’s Home

10th December 2019

Today flicking through the internet I came across the home of artist Tomás Colaço. Wonderfully eclectic with pretty much every surface painted, … [Read more]

Atelier Ellis Paint Colours and Furniture

Muted Shades

26th November 2019

This time of year calls for a more contemplative, withdrawn and peaceful aesthetic. The evenings draw in and I find myself hankering … [Read more]

The November newsletter featuring the vintage illustration of Bird's Custard

The November Newsletter – Bird’s Custard

This November we bring you Bird’s Custard, the vegan’s friend from the world’s best husband. Also in this month’s newsletter: Featured this … [Read more]

Surreal and stylised photographer Rodney Smith

The Photography of Rodney Smith

12th November 2019

The late Rodney Smith provided the fashion world with some great and memorable moments. Inspired by his location, Smith brought a touch … [Read more]

The October Newsletter – Cadbury’s Chocolate

31st October 2019

For October we bring you chocolate, Cadbury’s to be precise. Find inside: drum playing gorillas, Roald Dahl and what this Brummie brand … [Read more]

Canadian artist Conyers Barker

Conyers Barker

29th October 2019

I love discovering new art, new to me at least. A friend mentioned this artist the other day and I went about … [Read more]

Golden whiskey bar in China

What it Feels Like to be in a Glass of Whiskey

15th October 2019

…Or so I would think. The Inns Whiskey Bar in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, is by Wooton Designers. In a different approach the … [Read more]

Sculpture bridge doubles as a museum twisting across the waters in Norway

The Twist

2nd October 2019

Wow this is rather stunning, this bridge goes beyond its primary function, performing as both sculpture and museum. Firm BIG designed a … [Read more]

Hovis vintage packaging

The September Newsletter – Hovis Bread

30th September 2019

This month we bring your the story behind Hovis bread, a sci-fi director and what ‘Hovis’ could have been called… Also in … [Read more]

Trees painted by Judith Bergerson

Judith Bergerson

17th September 2019

I just came across artist Judith Bergerson and I am loving her Art Nouveau leanings and the way she divides her landscapes … [Read more]

Massive architect designed house surrounded by trees

New Zealand House Surrounded By Trees

3rd September 2019

I am always impressed by architecture that responds so well to a chosen site, and what a situation we have here. Created … [Read more]

Cool paint splatted shirt

Street Style

20th August 2019

Who doesn’t love a spot of people watching! Finding a lovely street-side cafe and watching the world walk by is a lovely … [Read more]

Cupboard Classics Lea and Perrins Worcester Sauce vintage illustration

The August Newsletter – Lea and Perrins Worcester Sauce

8th August 2019

This month our newsletter focuses on enhancing cheese on toast – with Lea and Perrins Worcester Sauce! Also in this month’s newsletter: … [Read more]

Nestled in the trees minimalist holiday cabin

The Tree House Hotel

6th August 2019

This lovely elevated structure is the first of possibly nine cabins built by Danish architect Sigurd Larsen. Perched 6-8m up in the trees, … [Read more]

Bentu Studio makes X10 chargers out of recycled ceramics

Beautiful Recycled Charger

23rd July 2019

Chinese studio Bentu have cleverly re-purposed a waste product I had never really considered before, into something beautiful. These flat, silky and … [Read more]

Tiptree Jam and HP Sauce in our summer newsletter

Early Summer Newsletter – Tiptree’s Strawberry Jam and HP Sauce

22nd July 2019

From our Cupboard Classics calendar this month we bring you Tiptree’s delicious strawberry jam (James Bond’s favourite!), and the family favourite, HP … [Read more]

Optical illusion 3d graffiti art

Mind-Bending Graffiti

9th July 2019

Something a little spinny for a Tuesday, Italian graffiti artist Peeta transforms plain facades into optical illusions. His abstract artworks play with … [Read more]

Colin King styled dark and broody bedroom

Perfect Imperfection

25th June 2019

At New York interior stylist Colin King’s blog it say he strives for ‘perfect imperfection’, I like that. This sort-after stylist knows … [Read more]

Recycled plastic bottles rug

Rugs Made From Plastic Bottles

11th June 2019

Solving the plastic problem not only takes us using less, but finding solutions for the insane amount of surplice we’ve all seen … [Read more]

Elegant Italian Design

30th May 2019

I can’t find much information about these three designers, Luciano Grassi, Sergio Conti, Marisa Forlani, names often linked together. Beautifully elegant furniture … [Read more]

Colman's Mustard, Twinings Tea and McVitie's Digestives vintage packaging

The May Newsletter – Coleman’s Mustard, Twinings Tea and McVitie’s Digestives

27th May 2019

Three of our illustrations from our Cupboard Classics calendar are in this month’s newsletter. We hand illustrated famous packaging designs, and reveal … [Read more]

Portuguese Modernist white house

A White Slab of Architecture

15th May 2019

Such a stark contrast to the surrounds! This white protruding box sits boldly in the hills of Portugal. Every angle offers a … [Read more]

London based illustrator Joey You and her vibrant urban scenes

Joey Yu Captures Life in Full Colour

30th April 2019

I’m loving the work of London-based illustrator, animator and artist Joey Yu. There is a real sense of movement in her artworks, … [Read more]

Ekstrom Chair with Matisse nude

Creepy Crawly 1980s Chair Design

16th April 2019

I am trying to work out if I like this chair. I think I do, its ergonomic and comfortable, Norwegian design from … [Read more]

Interiors, plants and ceramics with dark green and bright pink

The Land of Pink and Green

2nd April 2019

Inspired by our design for the Wadebridge Wines Rum and Tequila Festival, I thought it might be nice to explore that green … [Read more]

Poster design for the Wadebridge Wines Rum and Tequila festival

The Latest from the Studio

19th March 2019

We have had a pretty busy start to this year in the studio! Lots of lovely work to show you, this is … [Read more]

Woven rug by Charlotte Lancelot

Canevas Geo by Charlotte Lancelot

5th March 2019

I spotted this joyful textile at a website full of pieces of design for architects. I just love how the colours merge … [Read more]

Newsletter featuring Marmite and Golden Syrup packaging design

The February Newsletter – Lyle’s Golden Syrup and Marmite

28th February 2019

We open this year with a double portion! Two of our illustrations from our new Cupboard Classics calendar. We hand illustrated famous … [Read more]

Picasso's line drawings of 'War and Peace' and the 'Owl'

Picasso’s Drawings

19th February 2019

Carl motioned to me last week how he loved Picasso’s drawings so I thought I would share with you some of our … [Read more]

Painting of a cardboard box holding family memories

Paintings of Family History

5th February 2019

Jeanne Ludeke‘s box painting are beautiful. There is simple charm to the everyday, but when you understand her attachment to what one … [Read more]

Josie Lewis artist's petri dishes

Petrified Art

22nd January 2019

Have you seen the work of Josie Lewis? Little moments of joy captured in a petri dish! Josie combines chemicals with resin … [Read more]

Minimalist children's race car

The Minimalist Race Car

8th January 2019

When thinking kid’s toys bright primary colours come to mind, but then I was a child of the 1980s. These days the … [Read more]

amazing art nouveau architecture

An Art Nouveau Gem Rediscovered

18th December 2018

The latest of restaurateur Ricardo Giraudi is quite simply a masterpiece. His 8th Beefbar is a feast for the senses. Just off … [Read more]

Calendar Round-Up

4th December 2018

December is a month of contradictions. It feels both still and slow, frozen in time as winter passes by. At the same … [Read more]

The December Newsletter – The Routemaster Bus

For our final newsletter of 2018 we have some iconic design from the capital, the Routemaster bus. Also in December’s newsletter: Featured this … [Read more]

Map of America through song titles

A Musical Map of America

20th November 2018

My goodness what an epic task! British design studio Dorothy have created a musical map of the USA. So many songs reference … [Read more]

Plastic bottles that have been made with plastic taken directly from our seas

Using up Waste Plastic with Beautiful Design

9th November 2018

Kevin Murphy is a high-end hair care brand that sees their products as ‘skincare for the hair’, but this company has an … [Read more]

The Bibendum chair by Eileen Grey our November design classic

The November Newsletter – Bibendum Chair

7th November 2018

For November’s newsletter we have this classic piece of 1920s design, the Bibendum chair by Eileen Gray. Also in November’s newsletter: Featured this … [Read more]

Two art prints by Jorey Hurley of the swimming pool

Graphic Art by Corey Hurley

23rd October 2018

It must come as no surprise being a graphic designer at all that I love graphic art. The simplicity, all the fluff … [Read more]

Vintage packaging illustrations

2019 Calendar Sneak Peek!

9th October 2018

My its busy in the studio! In amongst our work for our lovely clients we have been creating our 2019 calendar. Next … [Read more]

Isaac Merritt Singer's Sewing machine is our October design classic featured in our monthly newsletter

The October Newsletter – Singer Sewing Machine

1st October 2018

For October’s newsletter we bring you the Singer sewing machine as our Design Classic, sold all over the world for more than … [Read more]

Plaster filled terracotta tiles

Warm Terracotta

25th September 2018

Terracotta tiles are standard fare across the sunnier side of the world, this house though makes me appreciate the material in a … [Read more]

Irene de Klerk Wolters abstract art

Irene de Klerk Wolters

11th September 2018

I happily stumbled across the work of Copenhagen based artist Irene de Klerk Wolters. She is perhaps a step further in abstraction than my … [Read more]

our September newsletter featuring table football as our design classic

The September Newsletter – Table Football

4th September 2018

For September’s newsletter we bring you table football as our Design Classic. A game with a competitive origin story and famous fans. … [Read more]

3D printed concrete benches resemble woven textiles

Breaking the Mould with 3D Printing

28th August 2018

I am always learning something new about 3d printing, it really seems limitless. These benches are the product of a collaboration with … [Read more]

KUFtwist blind by designers Kia Utzon-Frank and Fay McCau

More Than Mere Blinds

14th August 2018

We were recently considering blinds for our sunny new office. We chose some lovely wide white slats, but often the issue with … [Read more]

The iconic I love Nw York logo by Milton Glaser

The August Newsletter – The I Love New York Logo

For August’s newsletter we bring you a logo that has been copied the world over, the I ‘heart’ New York logo by … [Read more]

Bright and beautiful children restaurant in Shanghai China

Fairytale Architecture in Shanghai

31st July 2018

The Neobio kids restaurant in Shanghai, China has the world talking. It really is a mixture of Disney Land, Chitty Chitty Bang … [Read more]

The July Newsletter – The DeLorean

17th July 2018

For July’s newsletter we bring you an Eighties Design Classic synonymous with the future! The DeLorean car. Also in July’s newsletter: Featured this … [Read more]

Under Water Photographer of the Year 2018 Macro - Highly Commended 'Pretty lady' - TianHong Wang

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018

I don’t think I was aware there was an underwater photography competition in the UK, though it makes perfect sense. We have … [Read more]

Architectural paintings of Mid Century buildings by Mark Dyball

The Architectural Art of Mark Dyball

3rd July 2018

I was scrolling through the blog of The Jealous Curator today. There is always something to catch my eye, this morning it … [Read more]

Orange amps design classic

The June Newsletter – Orange Amps

27th June 2018

For June’s newsletter we bring you some very vibrant British technology, the Orange amplifier as our chosen design classic. Also in June’s newsletter: … [Read more]

Pickle Design new Wadebridge Office

We’re in!

19th June 2018

Excitingly our office move is complete. It took time but finally we are happily settled in out new spot across the river. … [Read more]

Lovely leather and wood sofa of Danish design by Børge Mogensen

Mogensen 22 Collection

5th June 2018

A lovely bit of furniture design for our blog post this month. The stylish 22 collection was the idea of Børge Mogensen, … [Read more]

The May Newsletter – The Mondrian Dress

30th May 2018

For May’s newsletter we bring you an iconic dress inspired by artist Mondrian and captured by Yves Saint Laurent. Also in May’s newsletter: … [Read more]

Hand typography of the Spotify logo

Famous Logos Get The Calligraphy Treatment

22nd May 2018

Mexican artist and art director Luis Lili uses his hand typography skills to breath fresh air into established brands. He takes world … [Read more]

Still life sculptures inspired by the Dutch masters made from spoons

Bouquets of Spoons

8th May 2018

British artist Ann Carrington, among other things, creates botanical still life sculptures with spoons. Inspired by the great Dutch painters of the … [Read more]

April design classic the slinky toy

The April Newsletter – The Slinky

27th April 2018

Just in the nick of time! This newsletter brings you a design classic that has a novel way to tackle stairs! Along … [Read more]

Pickle Design are moving across Wadebridge

We’re Moving!

24th April 2018

Times are a changing at Pickle Design. With Carl’s growing family it seemed the right time to move house, which means moving … [Read more]

Braun product design turned into the alphabet

The Braun Alphabet

10th April 2018

Well this looks cool, designer Gao Yang has created an alphabet to celebrate the legacy of Braun. All the letters are made … [Read more]

Travel photography Bolivia

Beautiful Bolivia

28th March 2018

Having watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid for the first time recently I was struck by the beauty of Bolivia. Then … [Read more]

The Helvetica typeface is the Pickle Design March design classic

The March Newsletter – The Helvetica Typeface

15th March 2018

For March we bring you our latest Design Classic, the typeface Helvetica. Swiss design at its best. Along with… Also in March’s newsletter: … [Read more]

Lefgo goes green with sustainable bricks

LEGO Goes Green

13th March 2018

We all love LEGO, when I was growing up it was the pirate ship I adored, complete with treasure trove and shiny … [Read more]

Photograph of vegetables from the Millbank brand

A Well Executed Brand

28th February 2018

Its nice to see a beautifully followed through brand! This one for Northern Irish farm Millbank is just one of those. The … [Read more]

Fred Perry polo shirt design classic

The February Newsletter – The Fred Perry Polo Shirt

14th February 2018

February is here and this month we bring you a 1930s tennis sensation and his trademark shirt. Along with… Also in February’s newsletter: … [Read more]

Decorate my sett interior inspiration

Introducing Decorate My Sett

13th February 2018

When I am not busily designing at Pickle, or writing a blog post for here I update a few other blogs we … [Read more]

Elegant concrete canvas table by Neal Aronowitz

Unusually Elegant Concrete

30th January 2018

Concrete can be brutal, cold and towering as well as smooth and beautiful, but rarely elegant. With the invention of Concrete Canvas, … [Read more]

The January Newsletter – The Wassily Chair

25th January 2018

Our first newsletter of 2018!! Exciting. We bring you a chair inspired by a bike, the Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer of … [Read more]

Brooke Holm landscape photographer

The Amazing Photography of Brooke Holm

16th January 2018

So many different things inspire me here at Pickle, sometimes it is graphic design but mostly it is a more broad sense … [Read more]

The Pickle Design 2018 calendar of British trees

Our New Calendar!

4th January 2018

For almost a decade now we have been bringing you our Pickle Design calendars. Its lovely having the chance to design personal … [Read more]

The December Newsletter – Levis 501 Jeans

18th December 2017

2017 draws to a close and we bring you our latest design classic – Levis 501 Jeans. Timeless, iconic and re-discovered by … [Read more]

Julie Hickson Australian stencil artist

Australian Botanical

5th December 2017

Today I discovered the work of Julie Hickson, an Australian artist. I find that botanicals inspire me the most (watch this space … [Read more]

artists Jonathan Besler, Kevin May and Florian Gampert use a drone to capture Iceland and the Northern Lights

Iceland Inspires

21st November 2017

Normally I long to go to places that are warmer than our fair England but at the moment I do find myself … [Read more]

Platner Armchair a Pickle Design Classic

The November Newsletter – The Platner Armchair

14th November 2017

November is here and we bring you the Platner Armchair as our design classic. Insanely technical for something that looks so elegant! … [Read more]

Orange mood board

Here Comes the Sun

7th November 2017

We have been enjoying the most wonderful autumn, but today the soggy grey has descended. So I scoured the web for light … [Read more]

Pickle Design icon Roberts Radio RT66 Revival

The October Newsletter – The Roberts Radio

25th October 2017

For October we bring you the Roberts RT66 Radio, retro design that is truly British. Along with… Also in October’s newsletter: Featured web … [Read more]

Qwerkywriter - a typewriter that works with modern screens

The Typewriter is Back

24th October 2017

I think because of the crazy fast pace of modern life, and in particular technology, we hanker after the old, the retro, … [Read more]

Moody blue etching by British print maker Jamie Barnes

Jamie Barnes Printmaker

10th October 2017

I have always had a leaning towards print making. I think I love the extra depth of mood that can be created … [Read more]

Birger Kaipainen Finnish ceramics

Birger Johannes Kaipiainen

26th September 2017

The hero of Finnish ceramics, Birger Johannes Kaipiainen (1915-1988) loved his chosen profession. he graduated from the Central School of Arts and Crafts … [Read more]

adidas campus illustrated by pickle design for our design classic feature in september's newsletter

The September Newsletter – Adidas Campus Shoe

19th September 2017

For September enjoy a retro design classic making a comeback; the Adidas Campus trainer. Along with… Also in September’s newsletter: Featured branding and … [Read more]

Mathematically perfect cakes

Edible Maths

12th September 2017

Architect-turned-baker Dinara Kasko creates exhibition-worthy cakes that taste delicious. Dinara brings all the knowledge gained in her previous field to patisserie, using … [Read more]

Sian Zeng magnetic dinosaur wallpaper

Dino Fun

5th September 2017

Kids get all the best things! Did you know you can get magnetic dinosaur wallpaper? Endless fun for the imagination. Sian Zeng … [Read more]

Scandinavian style stool and table

The Flak Stool

15th August 2017

Sometimes furniture comes complete with its own character, and that is what I love about the Flak stool by Punt. The modern … [Read more]

Watercolour of venice in pastel tones by artist Turner

Enjoying Turner

1st August 2017

Today I thought it might be nice to gaze into the artwork of Joseph Mallord William Turner. I came across one of his … [Read more]

Rubik's cube this month's design classic

The August Newsletter – The Rubik’s Cube

Welcome to August! We have a puzzling 80s Design Classic, find all about the origins of the Rubik’s Cube. Along with… Also … [Read more]

Pink, red and yellow colour dipped glossy wine bottle from Germany

Colour-Saturated Wine Design

18th July 2017

When you are considering which wine to buy these days there are beautiful labels every where you look vying for your attention. … [Read more]

Design Classic the Lava Lamp by Edward Craven Walker

The July Newsletter – The Lava Lamp

5th July 2017

Welcome to our July newsletter! It’s all going on in the studio, we are getting groovy with our Design Classic, the Lava … [Read more]

Cave house in spain with white modern cube additions

Part Cave Part Cube

4th July 2017

Such an intriguing space – part cave part house. In fact, what it feels like in this interior is that the cave … [Read more]

Celtic Construction responsive website

Responsive Web Design

26th June 2017

Recently we have been making lots of websites responsive, or as Google phrases it, mobile friendly. This is like creating 3 websites … [Read more]

Celebrating British Flowers Week with a Pickle Design illustration

British Flowers Week

19th June 2017

What lovely weather for British flowers week! Glorious sunshine and a pure blue sky are the perfect backdrop to celebrate our native … [Read more]

The June Newsletter – Café Daum Coat Stand

6th June 2017

Welcome to June and our latest newsletter! We delve back into Edwardian history to a revolutionary piece of Viennese design, just to hang … [Read more]

New Blue creation from a science experiment

New Blue

I hadn’t given much thought in the past to the science of colour, but it turns out we haven’t had a new … [Read more]

Smog free bicycle

The Bicycle That Cleans the Air

23rd May 2017

Smart, very smart, Studio Roosegaarde has designed a bike that actually cleans the air as you peddle. Daan Roosegaarde of the studio … [Read more]

The 2017 Caroline Walker lifestyle homewares brochure

Three from the Studio

15th May 2017

We thought you would bring you some of the projects we have been working on recently. Life is always colourful at Pickle … [Read more]

Paint in water photographed

Under Water Art

9th May 2017

From NASA engineer to artist – Kim Keever now squeezes paint into water and captures the results on camera. Mesmerising. The resulting … [Read more]

The red telephone box in our May newsletter

The May Newsletter – Red Telephone Box

May is here and so is our latest newsletter! You will find our chosen design classic, this month it’s Superman’s changing room – the … [Read more]

Chocolate interior in 1940s style

Curve Appeal

25th April 2017

This is Hotel Buena Vista, in Mosman, Australia. The interior is designed by SJB, in collaboration with Tess Regan Design – and it … [Read more]

South Africa from above the green sea

South Africa from Above

11th April 2017

I love arial photographs, they encourage me to pause, stop, think, and see the world in a different way. I know the … [Read more]

April's newsletter with Design Classic Marmite

The April Newsletter – Marmite

10th April 2017

Love it or hate it, April is here along with our divisive Design Classic. The traditional good-for-you spread, Marmite. Along with… Also … [Read more]

Green and blue palm leaf wallpaper

Wonderful Wallpaper

28th March 2017

Anyone who follows our Facebook page or Pinterest account must know my love for pattern! The branding we created for clients Wadebridge … [Read more]

The Convivium table

More than a nod to Art Nouveau

14th March 2017

This new and exciting table has such a strokable quality! The dimpled metal surface is crying out to be touched and I … [Read more]

Fender Stratocaster design classic

The March Newsletter – Fender Stratocaster

13th March 2017

Welcome to our March newsletter, this month we get musical with the legendary Fender Strat, a design classic of rockstar status. Along with… Also in … [Read more]

Hand made globes

Making the World

28th February 2017

Peter Bellerby simply wanted to find a globe for his father, not finding one of the right quality (either too old and … [Read more]

Liverpool 61, in Mexico City by MMX

Light Infiltrating Mexico City Block

24th February 2017

Liverpool 61, a light and breathy residential block in Mexico City designed by architecture firm MMX. Carefully designed cavities enable daylight and … [Read more]

Dahlov Ipcar's Illustration

Beautiful Illustrations by Dahlov Ipcar

17th February 2017

Here is a selection of the captivating work by Dahlov Ipcar who passed away at the beginning of February 2017, aged 99. … [Read more]

The February Newsletter – The Smeg Fridge

14th February 2017

Welcome to our February newsletter, this month we present the wonderful Smeg fridge in all its retro glory. Just take a look at … [Read more]

Angular plywood and white metal chair

The P-11 Chair

As you know at Pickle, we love chairs (well we do spend most of our working day sitting), our 2014 calendar just … [Read more]

Scent visualised in resin for for British perfumers

What Does Scent Look Like?

2nd February 2017

An interesting question, surely pretty hard to answer. Artist Zuza Mengham creates resin sculptures which try to translate scent. In a project … [Read more]

The Swiss Army knife design classic illustrated by Pickle Design

The January Newsletter – The Swiss Army Knife

26th January 2017

Welcome to our January newsletter, carrying on our Design Classic theme we have illustrated the famous Swiss Army Knife, the ultimate all-in-one which has … [Read more]

Rainbow labyrinth art installation in China

Rainbow Labyrinth

17th January 2017

This is ‘Yǔzhòu’, a colour-drenched maze created as part of the Luneng Sanya Bay Light and Art Festival in Hainan, China. Imagine being … [Read more]

Curvaceous wood Chinese opera house

Opera House with Curve Appeal

4th January 2017

MAD Architects really chose their name well. Have you seen the Chinese Harbin Opera House? The forms are so fluid, so brave and … [Read more]

Pickle Design design classics the Lambretta scooter, Panassonic clock, and Converse trainer

Design Classic Round Up

23rd December 2016

As our final blog post of the year, we thought we would bring you our Design Classic round up! We just loved … [Read more]

Scrabble Pickle Design's Design Classic

The December Newsletter – Scrabble

20th December 2016

Welcome to our December newsletter, this month we feature a family favourite as well as a worthy Design Classic – Scrabble! Along … [Read more]


Invisible Trails in China

13th December 2016

China’s famous Wulingyan region is about to get some very subtle and beautiful design. How do you connect epic stones and maximise … [Read more]

stamps designed to celebrate Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie Stamps

29th November 2016

To mark 100 years since the great crime writer published her first book, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Royal Mail have released some … [Read more]

Siena International Photography Awards winner - sardines and their predators

The Siena International Photo Awards

15th November 2016

Wow, this award ceremony may only be in its second year but the photographs featured are just breath-taking. Some are very much … [Read more]


The November Newsletter – The Coca-Cola Bottle

8th November 2016

Welcome to our November newsletter, this month we feature the iconic Coca-Cola bottle. The brief to the designers was to create a bottle … [Read more]

Futuristic and classically french hotel interior

Aged French Decadence Brought Bang Up To Date

1st November 2016

Wow, this is a disorientating and rather wonderful space. The Hôtel Plaza Athènèe has Bond glamour in spades, designer Patrick Jouin has … [Read more]

lambretta scooter

The October Newsletter – The Lambretta Scooter

18th October 2016

Welcome to our October newsletter, this month we feature the stylish Lambretta Scooter in all its Mod coolness. Along with… Also in … [Read more]

The levitating cloud speaker

Just a Levitating Cloud Speaker!

Yep, you heard me right, ‘Making Weather’ is a levitating bluetooth speaker with LED lights that create a lightning storm in your home. … [Read more]

Blue Alchemy by Siba Sahabi

Egyptian Blue

4th October 2016

Siba Sahabi is what is known as a ‘poetic designer’, from her base in Amsterdam Siba seeks to translate cultural heritage into contemporary … [Read more]

Vintage Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Opulent Chesterfields

30th September 2016

These new Chesterfield sofas from Alexander and James caught our eye as did the photography. Setting the distinctive furniture in amongst rich colours … [Read more]

iridescent oil artworks

Iridescent Oil

14th September 2016

Artist Fabian Oefner explores iridescence with a series of photographs that is simply mesmerising. We have all seen a bit of car … [Read more]

Prince Buster logo illustration

Farewell To Another Prince

9th September 2016

Sad news on Thursday the 8th of September when Prince Buster passed away. A true legend, shaping a whole music scene, Jamaican … [Read more]

Pickle Design design classic the Panasonic flip clock

The September Newsletter – The RC-6025 Flip Clock

8th September 2016

September features the classic flip clock – immortalised in film Ground Hog Day signalling the recurring start of Bill Murray’s nightmare. Find out … [Read more]

Françoise Hardy by Stanley Bielecki

60s Pop Captured by Stanley Bielecki

19th August 2016

For World Photography Day 2016 I thought it might be nice to see some iconic stars of the 60s. These brilliant shots … [Read more]

Cornwall Vintage travel poster

Vintage Travel Posters

16th August 2016

As you may well know (we don’t talk about it much) we have been inspired by vintage travel posters for this year’s … [Read more]

The Breton Top design classic

The August Newsletter – The Breton Top

9th August 2016

August’s newsletter is pure summer – Breton stripes with a surprisingly lawful origin, from work wear to Paris catwalks and forever in … [Read more]

Borges by Richard Serra, 2009

Richard Serra’s Monochrome Art

5th August 2016

I’ve always been a fan of Richard Serra’s incredible sculptures, and when I came across his monochrome art I was just as … [Read more]

Beatrix Potter's fungi illustrations

The Science of Beatrix Potter

29th July 2016

Driving to work for me takes about half an hour, beautiful country lanes and slightly frustrating traffic! I pass the time by … [Read more]

COBE Architects kindergarten based on kids' drawings

A Kindergarten Based on Children’s Drawings

22nd July 2016

You can instantly see the stylised kids’ drawings that inspired this kindergarten design in Copenhagen, Denmark. A very ambitious architectural project that … [Read more]

Tropical print inspiration

Tropical Breeze

19th July 2016

It is hot hot hot here in the studio today. Fan on, windows open and doors wide. So we thought we’d bring … [Read more]

Lance Wyman's logo design for Mexico 68

The July Newsletter – Mexico 68

18th July 2016

July’s newsletter features the superb branding for Mexico’s Olympics in 1968 by the great designer, Lance Wyman. Truly iconic! Along with… Also in July’s newsletter: … [Read more]

The brand Pickle Design created with illustration in blue and green for Wadebridge Wine's gin festival

North Cornwall Gin Festival

11th July 2016

We’ve been busy! Its not long now until the Wadebridge Wines North Cornwall Gin Festival. The festival is on the 23rd of … [Read more]

chocolate packaging inspiration

Chocolate Packaging

30th June 2016

Oh what a fun project it would be to design a block of choc, that simple rectangular shape is a dream for … [Read more]

Anna Atkins Cyanotype prints

Anna Atkins Cyanotypographer

23rd June 2016

I’m not even sure if that is a word, but it is definitely a process. Anna Atkins has carved quite a name … [Read more]

Pickle Design's illustration of British Flowers Week 2016

British Flowers Week

13th June 2016

Welcome to British Flowers Week! Something we in the studio love is nature. Having just had the hedgerows packed full of bluebells vying … [Read more]

Illustration of Paul Gascoigne for England in 1996

Gazza Making History

10th June 2016

Euro 2016 kicks off in under two hours in Paris, I’m a little excited! Had to do some thing to mark the … [Read more]

1915 A small customer by John Cimon Warburg

Early Colour Photographs

9th June 2016

Early colour photographs fascinate me. My Nan used to hand colour photographs and I was always mesmerised by their other world quality. … [Read more]

Chesterfield couch design classic

The June Newsletter – The Chesterfield

6th June 2016

June’s newsletter features a slightly mysterious sofa – the Chesterfield. The studded couch has graced many a home with some rather famous connections. Along with… … [Read more]

All for One illustration for The Stone Roses single

Made of Lemon

13th May 2016

We had to do something to mark the arrival of the first recording from The Stone Roses in 21 years! A little … [Read more]

Sunflower sketch and painting by Van Gogh

The Process of a Genius

9th May 2016

I saw a sketch today of Vincent Van Gogh and it made me think. So often we just see the stunning finished work … [Read more]

Bialetti's Moko coffee pot

The May Newsletter – The Moka Pot

3rd May 2016

May’s newsletter brings an Italian design classic that graces many a breakfast table – the timeless Moka Pot by Bialetti. Why has … [Read more]

What is inspiring us in the studio this week

Weekly Musings From Emma

22nd April 2016

So many things have caught my eye and attention this week. As always I am drawn to colour, pattern and personalities. Today … [Read more]

Typewriter sculpture in black and white porcelain by Katharine Morling

Making the Trivial Art

7th April 2016

Resembling simple black and white sketches at first glance, these are in fact life-size porcelain sculptures crafted by London-based artist Katharine Morling. … [Read more]

Our illustration of the Citroën DS, a design classic

The April Newsletter – The Citroën DS

5th April 2016

Our newsletter for April is full to the brim. We chose a design classic that is as quirky as it is beautiful … [Read more]

An inspiring trip to Prague

Travel: The Czech Republic

1st April 2016

I recently return from a trip to the Czech Republic, some great days spent in bustling Prague and an excursion to the … [Read more]

Silhouette illustration of the great Johan Cruyff

Goodbye Johan Cruyff

24th March 2016

When I heard the news today I had to draw a little tribute from Pickle Design to one of the few genuine … [Read more]

Illustration of the iconic Trojan Records logo

Trojan Records

23rd March 2016

I couldn’t help but do a little doodle of one of the most recognisable record label logos I’ve come across. Trojan Records … [Read more]

The Royal Belgian Yacht Club designed by Wim Goes Architectuur

Beautifully Designed Royal Belgian Yacht Club

17th March 2016

A deceptively simple and modest structure, every part of the Royal Belgian Yacht Club is integral to the whole. It was erected … [Read more]

March inspiration

Weekly Musings

15th March 2016

This weeks inspiration is far off, moody and exotic! Sea green, scenic cabinets and far away fashion. .. Emma 1 Natalie Martin, designer inspired … [Read more]

Our illustration of Chanel No.5 perfume design classic

The March Newsletter – Chanel No.5

8th March 2016

Our design classic for March is a style icon in its own right, Chanel No.5 perfume. We look into the design of … [Read more]

Poster design, Palais de Glace, Champs-Élysées by Jules Chéret

Beautiful Poster Art by Jules Chéret

Some of our favourite graphic design goes back to the origins of the medium, when there was a fine line between art, … [Read more]

Print design for Nota Bene by Blok

Nota Bene Branding by Blok

23rd February 2016

This is a really gorgeous rebrand of a restaurant on Toronto’s Queen Street West. Nota Bene was relaunched in 2016, so chef … [Read more]

Pickle Design Classic, Converse All Star Hi Tops

The February Newsletter – Converse All Star Hi Tops

17th February 2016

This month we look at a canvas – but not just any, the canvas of the feet, Converse. This iconic shoe started life … [Read more]

Debbie Harry in Andy Warhol's Bad T-Shirt, Old Street Studio, London, 1979, by Brian Aris

Debbie Harry, by Brian Aris from 1977 to 1988

16th February 2016

An excellent selection of images from a collection of portraits of Debbie Harry taken by Brian Aris from 1977 to 1988, they … [Read more]

8 bit Star Wars: A New Hope illustration by Gustavo Viselner

8 bit Star Wars by Gustavo Viselner

15th February 2016

Brilliant little movie frames illustrated by Tel Aviv-based artist Gustavo Viselner. Created as posters he has selected very recognisable scenes and quotes … [Read more]

International Congress Centre Katowice by JEMS Architekci, Katowice, Poland

Dramatic architecture in Katowice, Poland

12th February 2016

The incredible International Congress Centre in Katowice, Poland, designed by JEMS Architekci. Architecture that serves its purpose well while adding so much … [Read more]

Creative inspiration at Pickle Design

Weekly Musings

3rd February 2016

A snapshot of where I have drawn my inspiration from this week. From aged circus lights to haute couture, from paper cups to neon. Feast … [Read more]

Exhibition of Polish graphic design

Polish Graphic Design from the 60s to the 21st Century

27th January 2016

This is right up my street! We looked at vintage logos and symbols when creating the Pickle Design brand, letting the era … [Read more]

Wooden footbridge in China by ADARC

Wooden footbridge created from abstract shapes

22nd January 2016

In the outskirts of Foshan City, China, you will find this incredible wooden footbridge, designed by architects ADARC Associates. The form of … [Read more]

Limited edition Pickle Design cotton shopping bag

Our Bags Travel

19th January 2016

This year we designed a gift for our rather lovely clients, a Pickle Design tote. In the past with have given chocolates … [Read more]

The A2 2016 Cornwall Calendar in a vintage travel poster style

The Pickle 2016 Calendar

We’ve got it up at home, but only stuck to the kitchen door, need to get it framed! That means a little … [Read more]

Chen Nguyen print design by Fable

Clever Typographic Packaging Design by Fable

18th January 2016

I love this imaginative branding and packaging design for Chen Nguyen, they create pastries which are distributed throughout Vietnam and China. Fable … [Read more]

Goodbye David Bowie

The January Newsletter – Goodbye David Bowie

15th January 2016

After the news broke on Monday morning that David Bowie had passed away, we didn’t add a design classic to January’s newsletter. … [Read more]

December newsletter with Lego, web and logo design

The December Newsletter – Lego

14th December 2015

Deceptively simple but we believe Lego is indeed a design classic. The humble brick has stood the test of time – creating … [Read more]

November's design classic, Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

The November Newsletter – Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

1st November 2015

November’s design classic is Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer Sunglasses. So very cool, these iconic accessories have graced many a famous face. Innovation and style … [Read more]

Icelandic Photography by Dora Kontha

Incredible Icelandic Photography by Dora Kontha

19th October 2015

We just had to share this incredible images by Dora Kontha, a photographer born in Budapest and now living in Copenhagen. She describes herself as … [Read more]

October's Design Classic, the 300 Series BPO Phone,

The October Newsletter – Series 300 British Post Office Phone

1st October 2015

October’s design classic is the Series 300 British Post Office phone. Black bakelite, this sturdy standard was in production between the 1920s … [Read more]

September's Design Classic, the Juicy Salif, designed by Philippe Starck and produced in 1990

The September Newsletter – The Juicy Salif

1st September 2015

More art sculpture than practical apparatus, meet the Philippe Starck lemon squeezer, the juicy salif – our September newsletter design classic, produced … [Read more]

Cover for International Textiles, 1964, by René Gruau

60s Illustration by René Gruau

20th August 2015

Illustration for the cover of International Textiles No. 377 from 1964, by the brilliant René Gruau. I love the confidence not to … [Read more]

The Anglepoise lamp design classic

The August Newsletter – The Anglepoise Lamp

1st August 2015

A favourite for every designer’s desk (we have two!) this design classic looks down on other lamps.