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We are influenced by a lot more than design around us, in our blog we will add photography, architecture, art and anything else that sparks our curiosity. All along with anything happening in the studio and our design classics.

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Pickle Design's illustration of British Flowers Week 2016

British Flowers Week

13th June 2016

Welcome to British Flowers Week! Something we in the studio love is nature. Having just had the hedgerows packed full of bluebells vying for attention, now our British countryside is brimming with wild flowers of all colours and designs. From meticulous kept village gardens, urban window boxes to a florist’s spray – we love it all. So when we heard it was British Flowers Week the 13th to the 19th June 2016, it seemed an ideal subject for us to illustrate – and you know us, any excuse to get drawing!

British Flowers Week June 2016 Pickle Design's illustration of a Foxglove

Tuesday and we started with the Foxglove. The bright pink towers are a beacon for bees and we love them.

British Flowers Week June 2016 and Pickle Design have illustrated by hand an English Rose

Wednesday and it had to be the English Rose. They smell marvellous and these soft delicate blooms have inspired many a poet.

Pickle Design's illustration of a Bluebell for British Flowers Week

Thursday brings the beautiful Bluebell. Intense cobalt blues are found in shady woodland. Happily found all over our fair nation, the Scots have their own version. More delicate and bell-like but just as beautiful!

Pickle Design illustrate British Flowers Week with the Welsh Poppy

Its Friday! We conclude our little trip around the British garden with the Welsh Poppy. Delicate an sunshine yellow, tinged with orange, this flower brings a smile to your face.

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