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We are influenced by a lot more than design around us, in our blog we will add photography, architecture, art and anything else that sparks our curiosity. All along with anything happening in the studio and our design classics.


Pickle Design Poster Calendar 2021

New Year, New Poster!

11th January 2021

2021 has fully arrived, feeling quite similar to 2020 if we are honest but already we have some great things happening at … [Read more]

William Morris Drawings

William Morris’ Drawings

11th November 2020

William Morris is an artist I am so familiar with, his intricate botanical patterns have been part of my life. The wallpaper … [Read more]

Paintings of Jan van Beers

Jan van Beers

28th October 2020

Today I thought I would share some art from Belgium painter Jan van Beers (27 March 1852 – 17 November 1927), his hyper … [Read more]

Abel Rodríguez captures the Amazon in his intricate pattern like paintings

Abel Rodríguez

7th October 2020

I only recently came across the stunning work of artist Abel Rodríguez. He creates really meticulous drawings of his home, the Colombian … [Read more]

Cool science up close

Macro Mould

9th September 2020

This is eerily fascinating. Normally when things start to grow mould my reaction is to throw them out, not lean in closer, … [Read more]

Street art that cleans air like trees do

Art That Cleans The Air

24th August 2020

What a brilliant idea, Converse City Forests aims to produce street art that has the cleaning power of 3,000 trees. Amazingly this … [Read more]

Famous artworks recreated at home during lockdown

Famous Artworks Re-created at Home

5th August 2020

Lockdown may have produced many constraints in our lives across the world in these Covid-Times, but you can’t curtail creativity! Life does … [Read more]


Brightly Coloured Skate Park

15th July 2020

London-based furniture designer Yinka Ilori brings the colour to this new skate park in Lille, France. The La Condition Publique centre boasts … [Read more]

Ceramic artist palettes

Ceramic Artist Palettes

20th May 2020

Aren’t these lovely? What could be better for an artist than ceramic paint palettes. I have to confess I tend to use … [Read more]

Botanical drawings from a great collection including fruit, flowers and birds

The Biodiversity Heritage Library

4th February 2020

I love botanical drawings, giving the time I would spend all day happily drawing plants, flowers and trees. Now the Biodiversity Heritage … [Read more]

Spanish home of artist Tomás Colaço

An Eclectic Artist’s Home

10th December 2019

Today flicking through the internet I came across the home of artist Tomás Colaço. Wonderfully eclectic with pretty much every surface painted, … [Read more]

Canadian artist Conyers Barker

Conyers Barker

29th October 2019

I love discovering new art, new to me at least. A friend mentioned this artist the other day and I went about … [Read more]

Sculpture bridge doubles as a museum twisting across the waters in Norway

The Twist

2nd October 2019

Wow this is rather stunning, this bridge goes beyond its primary function, performing as both sculpture and museum. Firm BIG designed a … [Read more]

Trees painted by Judith Bergerson

Judith Bergerson

17th September 2019

I just came across artist Judith Bergerson and I am loving her Art Nouveau leanings and the way she divides her landscapes … [Read more]

Optical illusion 3d graffiti art

Mind-Bending Graffiti

9th July 2019

Something a little spinny for a Tuesday, Italian graffiti artist Peeta transforms plain facades into optical illusions. His abstract artworks play with … [Read more]

London based illustrator Joey You and her vibrant urban scenes

Joey Yu Captures Life in Full Colour

30th April 2019

I’m loving the work of London-based illustrator, animator and artist Joey Yu. There is a real sense of movement in her artworks, … [Read more]

Interiors, plants and ceramics with dark green and bright pink

The Land of Pink and Green

2nd April 2019

Inspired by our design for the Wadebridge Wines Rum and Tequila Festival, I thought it might be nice to explore that green … [Read more]

Picasso's line drawings of 'War and Peace' and the 'Owl'

Picasso’s Drawings

19th February 2019

Carl motioned to me last week how he loved Picasso’s drawings so I thought I would share with you some of our … [Read more]

Painting of a cardboard box holding family memories

Paintings of Family History

5th February 2019

Jeanne Ludeke‘s box painting are beautiful. There is simple charm to the everyday, but when you understand her attachment to what one … [Read more]

Josie Lewis artist's petri dishes

Petrified Art

22nd January 2019

Have you seen the work of Josie Lewis? Little moments of joy captured in a petri dish! Josie combines chemicals with resin … [Read more]

Map of America through song titles

A Musical Map of America

20th November 2018

My goodness what an epic task! British design studio Dorothy have created a musical map of the USA. So many songs reference … [Read more]

Two art prints by Jorey Hurley of the swimming pool

Graphic Art by Corey Hurley

23rd October 2018

It must come as no surprise being a graphic designer at all that I love graphic art. The simplicity, all the fluff … [Read more]

Irene de Klerk Wolters abstract art

Irene de Klerk Wolters

11th September 2018

I happily stumbled across the work of Copenhagen based artist Irene de Klerk Wolters. She is perhaps a step further in abstraction than my … [Read more]

Architectural paintings of Mid Century buildings by Mark Dyball

The Architectural Art of Mark Dyball

3rd July 2018

I was scrolling through the blog of The Jealous Curator today. There is always something to catch my eye, this morning it … [Read more]

Hand typography of the Spotify logo

Famous Logos Get The Calligraphy Treatment

22nd May 2018

Mexican artist and art director Luis Lili uses his hand typography skills to breath fresh air into established brands. He takes world … [Read more]

Still life sculptures inspired by the Dutch masters made from spoons

Bouquets of Spoons

8th May 2018

British artist Ann Carrington, among other things, creates botanical still life sculptures with spoons. Inspired by the great Dutch painters of the … [Read more]

Decorate my sett interior inspiration

Introducing Decorate My Sett

13th February 2018

When I am not busily designing at Pickle, or writing a blog post for here I update a few other blogs we … [Read more]

Elegant concrete canvas table by Neal Aronowitz

Unusually Elegant Concrete

30th January 2018

Concrete can be brutal, cold and towering as well as smooth and beautiful, but rarely elegant. With the invention of Concrete Canvas, … [Read more]

Brooke Holm landscape photographer

The Amazing Photography of Brooke Holm

16th January 2018

So many different things inspire me here at Pickle, sometimes it is graphic design but mostly it is a more broad sense … [Read more]

Julie Hickson Australian stencil artist

Australian Botanical

5th December 2017

Today I discovered the work of Julie Hickson, an Australian artist. I find that botanicals inspire me the most (watch this space … [Read more]

Moody blue etching by British print maker Jamie Barnes

Jamie Barnes Printmaker

10th October 2017

I have always had a leaning towards print making. I think I love the extra depth of mood that can be created … [Read more]

Birger Kaipainen Finnish ceramics

Birger Johannes Kaipiainen

26th September 2017

The hero of Finnish ceramics, Birger Johannes Kaipiainen (1915-1988) loved his chosen profession. he graduated from the Central School of Arts and Crafts … [Read more]

Mathematically perfect cakes

Edible Maths

12th September 2017

Architect-turned-baker Dinara Kasko creates exhibition-worthy cakes that taste delicious. Dinara brings all the knowledge gained in her previous field to patisserie, using … [Read more]

Watercolour of venice in pastel tones by artist Turner

Enjoying Turner

1st August 2017

Today I thought it might be nice to gaze into the artwork of Joseph Mallord William Turner. I came across one of his … [Read more]

New Blue creation from a science experiment

New Blue

6th June 2017

I hadn’t given much thought in the past to the science of colour, but it turns out we haven’t had a new … [Read more]

Paint in water photographed

Under Water Art

9th May 2017

From NASA engineer to artist – Kim Keever now squeezes paint into water and captures the results on camera. Mesmerising. The resulting … [Read more]

Hand made globes

Making the World

28th February 2017

Peter Bellerby simply wanted to find a globe for his father, not finding one of the right quality (either too old and … [Read more]

Scent visualised in resin for for British perfumers

What Does Scent Look Like?

2nd February 2017

An interesting question, surely pretty hard to answer. Artist Zuza Mengham creates resin sculptures which try to translate scent. In a project … [Read more]

Rainbow labyrinth art installation in China

Rainbow Labyrinth

17th January 2017

This is ‘Yǔzhòu’, a colour-drenched maze created as part of the Luneng Sanya Bay Light and Art Festival in Hainan, China. Imagine being … [Read more]

Blue Alchemy by Siba Sahabi

Egyptian Blue

4th October 2016

Siba Sahabi is what is known as a ‘poetic designer’, from her base in Amsterdam Siba seeks to translate cultural heritage into contemporary … [Read more]

iridescent oil artworks

Iridescent Oil

14th September 2016

Artist Fabian Oefner explores iridescence with a series of photographs that is simply mesmerising. We have all seen a bit of car … [Read more]

Cornwall Vintage travel poster

Vintage Travel Posters

16th August 2016

As you may well know (we don’t talk about it much) we have been inspired by vintage travel posters for this year’s … [Read more]

Borges by Richard Serra, 2009

Richard Serra’s Monochrome Art

5th August 2016

I’ve always been a fan of Richard Serra’s incredible sculptures, and when I came across his monochrome art I was just as … [Read more]

Sunflower sketch and painting by Van Gogh

The Process of a Genius

9th May 2016

I saw a sketch today of Vincent Van Gogh and it made me think. So often we just see the stunning finished work … [Read more]

What is inspiring us in the studio this week

Weekly Musings From Emma

22nd April 2016

So many things have caught my eye and attention this week. As always I am drawn to colour, pattern and personalities. Today … [Read more]

Typewriter sculpture in black and white porcelain by Katharine Morling

Making the Trivial Art

7th April 2016

Resembling simple black and white sketches at first glance, these are in fact life-size porcelain sculptures crafted by London-based artist Katharine Morling. … [Read more]