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We are influenced by a lot more than design around us, in our blog we will add photography, architecture, art and anything else that sparks our curiosity. All along with anything happening in the studio and our design classics.


V W X Y Z December newsletter

The December Newsletter – V W X Y and Z

18th December 2020

‘V is for Vector’ and ‘W is for Websites’. The beauty of big design without compromise on quality, plus web design is … [Read more]

Resolution, Serifs, Typography and Uppercase, all themes in the October newsletter

The October Newsletter – R S T U

12th October 2020

R is for Resolution, S is for Serif, T is for Typography and U is for Uppercase. This month we talk focus, … [Read more]

N is for Negative Space and O is for Opacity

The July Newsletter – NO

23rd July 2020

Yes – here is what we have in our July newsleter! A different way of seeing things, ‘N is for Negative Space’ … [Read more]

The June Newsletter 2020

The June Newsletter – LM

2nd June 2020

Flaming June is here and we bring you the next letters from our Alphabet of Graphic Design calendar – L is for … [Read more]

An Alphabet of Graphic Design, D and E Newsletter

The February Newsletter – DE

29th February 2020

For February we continue our Alphabet of Graphic Design with the letters D (for Doodling) and E (Emails) – both part of … [Read more]

The Pickle Design January Newsletter

The January Newsletter – ABC

30th January 2020

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2020! We have a new calendar featuring our Alphabet of Graphic Design, each month we’ll explore … [Read more]

The December Newsletter – Bird’s Custard

24th December 2019

For our final newsletter of 2019 we bring you Bisto Gravy, a family favourite and a roast’s best friend. Also in this … [Read more]

The November newsletter featuring the vintage illustration of Bird's Custard

The November Newsletter – Bird’s Custard

26th November 2019

This November we bring you Bird’s Custard, the vegan’s friend from the world’s best husband. Also in this month’s newsletter: Featured this … [Read more]

The October Newsletter – Cadbury’s Chocolate

31st October 2019

For October we bring you chocolate, Cadbury’s to be precise. Find inside: drum playing gorillas, Roald Dahl and what this Brummie brand … [Read more]

Hovis vintage packaging

The September Newsletter – Hovis Bread

30th September 2019

This month we bring your the story behind Hovis bread, a sci-fi director and what ‘Hovis’ could have been called… Also in … [Read more]

Cupboard Classics Lea and Perrins Worcester Sauce vintage illustration

The August Newsletter – Lea and Perrins Worcester Sauce

8th August 2019

This month our newsletter focuses on enhancing cheese on toast – with Lea and Perrins Worcester Sauce! Also in this month’s newsletter: … [Read more]

Tiptree Jam and HP Sauce in our summer newsletter

Early Summer Newsletter – Tiptree’s Strawberry Jam and HP Sauce

22nd July 2019

From our Cupboard Classics calendar this month we bring you Tiptree’s delicious strawberry jam (James Bond’s favourite!), and the family favourite, HP … [Read more]

Colman's Mustard, Twinings Tea and McVitie's Digestives vintage packaging

The May Newsletter – Coleman’s Mustard, Twinings Tea and McVitie’s Digestives

27th May 2019

Three of our illustrations from our Cupboard Classics calendar are in this month’s newsletter. We hand illustrated famous packaging designs, and reveal … [Read more]

Newsletter featuring Marmite and Golden Syrup packaging design

The February Newsletter – Lyle’s Golden Syrup and Marmite

28th February 2019

We open this year with a double portion! Two of our illustrations from our new Cupboard Classics calendar. We hand illustrated famous … [Read more]

The December Newsletter – The Routemaster Bus

4th December 2018

For our final newsletter of 2018 we have some iconic design from the capital, the Routemaster bus. Also in December’s newsletter: Featured this … [Read more]

The Bibendum chair by Eileen Grey our November design classic

The November Newsletter – Bibendum Chair

7th November 2018

For November’s newsletter we have this classic piece of 1920s design, the Bibendum chair by Eileen Gray. Also in November’s newsletter: Featured this … [Read more]

Isaac Merritt Singer's Sewing machine is our October design classic featured in our monthly newsletter

The October Newsletter – Singer Sewing Machine

1st October 2018

For October’s newsletter we bring you the Singer sewing machine as our Design Classic, sold all over the world for more than … [Read more]

our September newsletter featuring table football as our design classic

The September Newsletter – Table Football

4th September 2018

For September’s newsletter we bring you table football as our Design Classic. A game with a competitive origin story and famous fans. … [Read more]

The iconic I love Nw York logo by Milton Glaser

The August Newsletter – The I Love New York Logo

14th August 2018

For August’s newsletter we bring you a logo that has been copied the world over, the I ‘heart’ New York logo by … [Read more]

The July Newsletter – The DeLorean

17th July 2018

For July’s newsletter we bring you an Eighties Design Classic synonymous with the future! The DeLorean car. Also in July’s newsletter: Featured this … [Read more]

Orange amps design classic

The June Newsletter – Orange Amps

27th June 2018

For June’s newsletter we bring you some very vibrant British technology, the Orange amplifier as our chosen design classic. Also in June’s newsletter: … [Read more]

The May Newsletter – The Mondrian Dress

30th May 2018

For May’s newsletter we bring you an iconic dress inspired by artist Mondrian and captured by Yves Saint Laurent. Also in May’s newsletter: … [Read more]

April design classic the slinky toy

The April Newsletter – The Slinky

27th April 2018

Just in the nick of time! This newsletter brings you a design classic that has a novel way to tackle stairs! Along … [Read more]

The Helvetica typeface is the Pickle Design March design classic

The March Newsletter – The Helvetica Typeface

15th March 2018

For March we bring you our latest Design Classic, the typeface Helvetica. Swiss design at its best. Along with… Also in March’s newsletter: … [Read more]

Fred Perry polo shirt design classic

The February Newsletter – The Fred Perry Polo Shirt

14th February 2018

February is here and this month we bring you a 1930s tennis sensation and his trademark shirt. Along with… Also in February’s newsletter: … [Read more]

The January Newsletter – The Wassily Chair

25th January 2018

Our first newsletter of 2018!! Exciting. We bring you a chair inspired by a bike, the Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer of … [Read more]

The December Newsletter – Levis 501 Jeans

18th December 2017

2017 draws to a close and we bring you our latest design classic – Levis 501 Jeans. Timeless, iconic and re-discovered by … [Read more]

Platner Armchair a Pickle Design Classic

The November Newsletter – The Platner Armchair

14th November 2017

November is here and we bring you the Platner Armchair as our design classic. Insanely technical for something that looks so elegant! … [Read more]

Pickle Design icon Roberts Radio RT66 Revival

The October Newsletter – The Roberts Radio

25th October 2017

For October we bring you the Roberts RT66 Radio, retro design that is truly British. Along with… Also in October’s newsletter: Featured web … [Read more]

adidas campus illustrated by pickle design for our design classic feature in september's newsletter

The September Newsletter – Adidas Campus Shoe

19th September 2017

For September enjoy a retro design classic making a comeback; the Adidas Campus trainer. Along with… Also in September’s newsletter: Featured branding and … [Read more]

Rubik's cube this month's design classic

The August Newsletter – The Rubik’s Cube

1st August 2017

Welcome to August! We have a puzzling 80s Design Classic, find all about the origins of the Rubik’s Cube. Along with… Also … [Read more]

Design Classic the Lava Lamp by Edward Craven Walker

The July Newsletter – The Lava Lamp

5th July 2017

Welcome to our July newsletter! It’s all going on in the studio, we are getting groovy with our Design Classic, the Lava … [Read more]

The June Newsletter – Café Daum Coat Stand

6th June 2017

Welcome to June and our latest newsletter! We delve back into Edwardian history to a revolutionary piece of Viennese design, just to hang … [Read more]

The red telephone box in our May newsletter

The May Newsletter – Red Telephone Box

9th May 2017

May is here and so is our latest newsletter! You will find our chosen design classic, this month it’s Superman’s changing room – the … [Read more]

April's newsletter with Design Classic Marmite

The April Newsletter – Marmite

10th April 2017

Love it or hate it, April is here along with our divisive Design Classic. The traditional good-for-you spread, Marmite. Along with… Also … [Read more]

Fender Stratocaster design classic

The March Newsletter – Fender Stratocaster

13th March 2017

Welcome to our March newsletter, this month we get musical with the legendary Fender Strat, a design classic of rockstar status. Along with… Also in … [Read more]

The February Newsletter – The Smeg Fridge

14th February 2017

Welcome to our February newsletter, this month we present the wonderful Smeg fridge in all its retro glory. Just take a look at … [Read more]

The Swiss Army knife design classic illustrated by Pickle Design

The January Newsletter – The Swiss Army Knife

26th January 2017

Welcome to our January newsletter, carrying on our Design Classic theme we have illustrated the famous Swiss Army Knife, the ultimate all-in-one which has … [Read more]

Scrabble Pickle Design's Design Classic

The December Newsletter – Scrabble

20th December 2016

Welcome to our December newsletter, this month we feature a family favourite as well as a worthy Design Classic – Scrabble! Along … [Read more]


The November Newsletter – The Coca-Cola Bottle

8th November 2016

Welcome to our November newsletter, this month we feature the iconic Coca-Cola bottle. The brief to the designers was to create a bottle … [Read more]

lambretta scooter

The October Newsletter – The Lambretta Scooter

18th October 2016

Welcome to our October newsletter, this month we feature the stylish Lambretta Scooter in all its Mod coolness. Along with… Also in … [Read more]

Pickle Design design classic the Panasonic flip clock

The September Newsletter – The RC-6025 Flip Clock

8th September 2016

September features the classic flip clock – immortalised in film Ground Hog Day signalling the recurring start of Bill Murray’s nightmare. Find out … [Read more]

The Breton Top design classic

The August Newsletter – The Breton Top

9th August 2016

August’s newsletter is pure summer – Breton stripes with a surprisingly lawful origin, from work wear to Paris catwalks and forever in … [Read more]

Lance Wyman's logo design for Mexico 68

The July Newsletter – Mexico 68

18th July 2016

July’s newsletter features the superb branding for Mexico’s Olympics in 1968 by the great designer, Lance Wyman. Truly iconic! Along with… Also in July’s newsletter: … [Read more]

Chesterfield couch design classic

The June Newsletter – The Chesterfield

6th June 2016

June’s newsletter features a slightly mysterious sofa – the Chesterfield. The studded couch has graced many a home with some rather famous connections. Along with… … [Read more]

Bialetti's Moko coffee pot

The May Newsletter – The Moka Pot

3rd May 2016

May’s newsletter brings an Italian design classic that graces many a breakfast table – the timeless Moka Pot by Bialetti. Why has … [Read more]

Our illustration of the Citroën DS, a design classic

The April Newsletter – The Citroën DS

5th April 2016

Our newsletter for April is full to the brim. We chose a design classic that is as quirky as it is beautiful … [Read more]

Our illustration of Chanel No.5 perfume design classic

The March Newsletter – Chanel No.5

8th March 2016

Our design classic for March is a style icon in its own right, Chanel No.5 perfume. We look into the design of … [Read more]

Pickle Design Classic, Converse All Star Hi Tops

The February Newsletter – Converse All Star Hi Tops

17th February 2016

This month we look at a canvas – but not just any, the canvas of the feet, Converse. This iconic shoe started life … [Read more]

Goodbye David Bowie

The January Newsletter – Goodbye David Bowie

15th January 2016

After the news broke on Monday morning that David Bowie had passed away, we didn’t add a design classic to January’s newsletter. … [Read more]

December newsletter with Lego, web and logo design

The December Newsletter – Lego

14th December 2015

Deceptively simple but we believe Lego is indeed a design classic. The humble brick has stood the test of time – creating … [Read more]

November's design classic, Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

The November Newsletter – Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

1st November 2015

November’s design classic is Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer Sunglasses. So very cool, these iconic accessories have graced many a famous face. Innovation and style … [Read more]

October's Design Classic, the 300 Series BPO Phone,

The October Newsletter – Series 300 British Post Office Phone

1st October 2015

October’s design classic is the Series 300 British Post Office phone. Black bakelite, this sturdy standard was in production between the 1920s … [Read more]

September's Design Classic, the Juicy Salif, designed by Philippe Starck and produced in 1990

The September Newsletter – The Juicy Salif

1st September 2015

More art sculpture than practical apparatus, meet the Philippe Starck lemon squeezer, the juicy salif – our September newsletter design classic, produced … [Read more]

The Anglepoise lamp design classic

The August Newsletter – The Anglepoise Lamp

1st August 2015

A favourite for every designer’s desk (we have two!) this design classic looks down on other lamps.

Design Classic Mini car

The July Newsletter – The Mini

1st July 2015

You can’t get more classic British design than the Mini, from the movie The Italian Job to fashion shoots in the swinging … [Read more]

Design Classic Penguin Classics book covers

The June Newsletter – Penguin Classics

1st June 2015

Iconic book design, so simple, so recognisable. Designed in the 1930s, the aesthetic is fondly remembered today and replicated on everything from … [Read more]

The London Tube Map design classic

The May Newsletter – The London Tube Map

1st May 2015

London has many iconic elements of design, and the tube map is one of them. Simplified and stylised by Harry Beck its … [Read more]

The Eclisse lamp design classic

The April Newsletter – The Eclisse Lamp

1st April 2015

Could you get more 60s? We loved the curvy design of this eclipse inspired lamp, straight out of the Pop movement that … [Read more]

The E-Type Jaguar Design Classic

The March Newsletter – The E-Type Jaguar

1st March 2015

Quoted as being “The most beautiful car ever made”, the E-Type Jag is a stunner. With ‘go faster curves’ it took car design to … [Read more]

The Valentine Typewriter design classic

The February Newsletter – The Olivetti Valentine

1st February 2015

Can a typewriter by romantic? According Italian brand Olivetti, they can. And after all, the Italian’s should know. This beautiful piece of 60’s design … [Read more]