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We are influenced by a lot more than design around us, in our blog we will add photography, architecture, art and anything else that sparks our curiosity. All along with anything happening in the studio and our design classics.


Bio-plastic from fish waste

Something Fishy

22nd June 2020

Or not, that’s kind of the point. UK student Lucy Hughes founded the firm MarinaTex, cleverly cooking up in her kitchen a … [Read more]

Please be Seated Installation London

Paul Cocksedge Studio

3rd March 2020

I thought this morning I’d share a couple of projects from London based designer Paul Cocksedge. I love his studio’s playfulness and … [Read more]

Bentu Studio makes X10 chargers out of recycled ceramics

Beautiful Recycled Charger

23rd July 2019

Chinese studio Bentu have cleverly re-purposed a waste product I had never really considered before, into something beautiful. These flat, silky and … [Read more]

Minimalist children's race car

The Minimalist Race Car

8th January 2019

When thinking kid’s toys bright primary colours come to mind, but then I was a child of the 1980s. These days the … [Read more]

Plastic bottles that have been made with plastic taken directly from our seas

Using up Waste Plastic with Beautiful Design

9th November 2018

Kevin Murphy is a high-end hair care brand that sees their products as ‘skincare for the hair’, but this company has an … [Read more]

3D printed concrete benches resemble woven textiles

Breaking the Mould with 3D Printing

28th August 2018

I am always learning something new about 3d printing, it really seems limitless. These benches are the product of a collaboration with … [Read more]

Lovely leather and wood sofa of Danish design by Børge Mogensen

Mogensen 22 Collection

5th June 2018

A lovely bit of furniture design for our blog post this month. The stylish 22 collection was the idea of Børge Mogensen, … [Read more]

Braun product design turned into the alphabet

The Braun Alphabet

10th April 2018

Well this looks cool, designer Gao Yang has created an alphabet to celebrate the legacy of Braun. All the letters are made … [Read more]

Lefgo goes green with sustainable bricks

LEGO Goes Green

13th March 2018

We all love LEGO, when I was growing up it was the pirate ship I adored, complete with treasure trove and shiny … [Read more]

Decorate my sett interior inspiration

Introducing Decorate My Sett

13th February 2018

When I am not busily designing at Pickle, or writing a blog post for here I update a few other blogs we … [Read more]

Orange mood board

Here Comes the Sun

7th November 2017

We have been enjoying the most wonderful autumn, but today the soggy grey has descended. So I scoured the web for light … [Read more]

Qwerkywriter - a typewriter that works with modern screens

The Typewriter is Back

24th October 2017

I think because of the crazy fast pace of modern life, and in particular technology, we hanker after the old, the retro, … [Read more]

Scandinavian style stool and table

The Flak Stool

15th August 2017

Sometimes furniture comes complete with its own character, and that is what I love about the Flak stool by Punt. The modern … [Read more]

New Blue creation from a science experiment

New Blue

6th June 2017

I hadn’t given much thought in the past to the science of colour, but it turns out we haven’t had a new … [Read more]

Smog free bicycle

The Bicycle That Cleans the Air

23rd May 2017

Smart, very smart, Studio Roosegaarde has designed a bike that actually cleans the air as you peddle. Daan Roosegaarde of the studio … [Read more]

The Convivium table

More than a nod to Art Nouveau

14th March 2017

This new and exciting table has such a strokable quality! The dimpled metal surface is crying out to be touched and I … [Read more]

Angular plywood and white metal chair

The P-11 Chair

14th February 2017

As you know at Pickle, we love chairs (well we do spend most of our working day sitting), our 2014 calendar just … [Read more]

Pickle Design design classics the Lambretta scooter, Panassonic clock, and Converse trainer

Design Classic Round Up

23rd December 2016

As our final blog post of the year, we thought we would bring you our Design Classic round up! We just loved … [Read more]

The levitating cloud speaker

Just a Levitating Cloud Speaker!

18th October 2016

Yep, you heard me right, ‘Making Weather’ is a levitating bluetooth speaker with LED lights that create a lightning storm in your home. … [Read more]