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Pink, red and yellow colour dipped glossy wine bottle from Germany

Colour-Saturated Wine Design

18th July 2017

When you are considering which wine to buy these days there are beautiful labels every where you look vying for your attention. Food and drink packaging needs to give a flavour, a precursor to what tasting that product might be like. At least thats how Ali Sahba from Germany treated this design project. As soon as your eyes settle on these colour drenched bottles you wonder on the flavours. The description appears centre stage, the glossy colour mirroring its contents practically drips off the bottle!

Taste the colour of aroma packaging for wine showcase

Wine packing design inspiration in citrus yellow

A bold red, a vibrant citrus in stunning yellow and a delicate rosé slickly presented in two tone bottles. With packaging this good you hope the wine inside lives up to it!

Found at the Dieline.

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