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Mathematically perfect cakes

Edible Maths

12th September 2017

Architect-turned-baker Dinara Kasko creates exhibition-worthy cakes that taste delicious. Dinara brings all the knowledge gained in her previous field to patisserie, using algorithmic tools she aims to make ‘something interesting and fresh’.

sculptural cakes by Dinara Kasko

Yellow spheres form a mathematically perfect cake

Yellow spheres form a mathematically perfect cake cut in half

Her cakes look so technical, perfect in fact, such skill is required. Some resemble undulating graphs, others involve glossy spheres or angular balanced forms. You don’t know whether to take a bite or put it on a plinth!

Graph-like cakes

Graph inspired cakes

Geometric baking

Perfectly mathematical cakes

Perfectly mathematical cakes

See more at My Modern Met.

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