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Elegant Italian Design

30th May 2019

I can’t find much information about these three designers, Luciano Grassi, Sergio Conti, Marisa Forlani, names often linked together. Beautifully elegant furniture which looks delicate and strong.

Luciano Grassi, Sergio Conti, Marisa Forlani

The Monofio Cesto armchair (main image) has a shape more a kin to a suspension bridge. An open form like butterfly wings.

Luciano Grassi, Sergio Conti, Marisa Forlani

The designs mainly come from the 1950s and tend to consist of a sturdy curved lacquered metal frame with a woven seat made of nylon strings in simple white or black. Skeletal, like ageing leaves or tropical insects. A lovely find for a Thursday morning.

Originally found at Snake Ranch.

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