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We are influenced by a lot more than design around us, in our blog we will add photography, architecture, art and anything else that sparks our curiosity. All along with anything happening in the studio and our design classics.

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Orange mood board

Here Comes the Sun

7th November 2017

We have been enjoying the most wonderful autumn, but today the soggy grey has descended. So I scoured the web for light bright images to lift the mood. The warmth today is provided by the colour orange. Apt as its a Pickle Design colour, we have our little the glowing lamp of that shade in the corner. From plush velvet in burnt earthy tones to peachy perfection. Iconic hair, volumes jumpers and orange tech. My orange round-up for you this dreary day.

Orange colour inspiration

Image credits: 1st montage leaf, orange jumper pleated skirt, architecture, Penguin books, pattern, head phones. 2nd montage Smeg fridge, orange velvet couch, logo, 5th Element, peach velvet, boho pattern.

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