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Moody blue etching by British print maker Jamie Barnes

Jamie Barnes Printmaker

10th October 2017

I have always had a leaning towards print making. I think I love the extra depth of mood that can be created through colour and line. Often reduced, simple, a shadow, a hint, but brilliantly impactive.

Etching of the forest by Jamie Barnes

Jamie Barnes printmaker

In particular I am enjoying the work of Lakeland artist Jamie Barnes. Flicking through the internet as you do I came across last month’s Brighton Print Fair and Jamie’s work caught my eye. Its those moody blues again! Why do they call to me so, even Picasso had a blue period. Its less about sadness for me, more that these hues speak soul-level. I am about as joyous as they come, but the cool blues in art allow you to pause, breath and intake the beauty.

Jamie Barnes etching on the edge of town

Printmaker Jamie Barnes interior etching

Living in the Lake District, an area close to my heart, Barnes is inevitably influenced by landscape but also the built environment. His dad was a draftsman. My dad was a civil engineer and I think I have him to thank for my appreciation of line, form, structure. I can happy appreciate the design of a bridge, or a manhole cover even! The built environment offers plenty to inspire.

Jamie Barnes etching

The Docks Etching by Jamie Barnes

Dylan Thomas writing hut etching by Jamie Barnes

The print above is of ‘The Writing Hut, Laugharne’, Dylan Thomas’ writing space on the Welsh coast captured on a misty day. Barnes works with etching, something I dabbled in at school and one day would love to explore more. From telegraph poles to cranes, twilight lit roads to sweeping scenery, all in those scratchy blue hues.

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