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Atelier Ellis Paint Colours and Furniture

Muted Shades

26th November 2019

This time of year calls for a more contemplative, withdrawn and peaceful aesthetic. The evenings draw in and I find myself hankering after the muted shades of soft greens, pale pinks, blue greens and those cool greys.

Atelier Ellis Paint Colours and Furniture

Scrolling through the blogs as I do to keep inspired I spotted SFGirlBay’s post featuring the London paint and furniture company Atelier Ellis. Rich, classic hues that have a depth that really draws you in.

Atelier Ellis Paint Colours and Furniture

Moody wintery skies in Charlestown, Cornwall

I spent the day on Monday in a dark and wintery Charlestown in Cornwall. Dramatic skies and an ever changing seascape, altered as the light came and went. The cottages lining the historic harbour are pretty, filled with Cornish charm, triumphant in the face of the vigorous weather. I could see this kind of colour palette really working.

Harbour cottages at the historic port and film location of Charlestown

Winter waves at Charlestown, Cornwall

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