British vintage food packaging poster calendar

2019 Pickle Calendar

For our 2019 calendar we picked up pen and paper and decided to capture what our cupboard favourites looked like at the beginning. Packaging is a passion for us at Pickle, and these are a few of our favourite things – but not as you might know them. Picking just 12 for our poster calendar was hard but we think we have all the classics, from Cadbury’s Dairy Milk to ‘ah Bisto’ gravy!

Keeping with the vintage feel Emma had illustrated the packaging making sure to preserve the vibrant colours. Some products were harder to find reference for than others, but with a bit of detective work we have put together the early versions of some hopefully recognisable brands. If you would like a poster calendar sent to you just get in touch and for the cost of the postage we’d be happy to pop one in the post.  Sign up to our newsletter to find out the stories behind the designs as we feature one each month.