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Cave house in spain with white modern cube additions

Part Cave Part Cube

4th July 2017

Such an intriguing space – part cave part house. In fact, what it feels like in this interior is that the cave is encroaching, asserting its authority. The stark white cubes that interrupt the natural stone surfaces help lift the space from prehistoric to luxury home. I think the architects have successfully created a balance. This home is both dark, cosy, a retreat from the world and light, bright, bold and modern. No mean feat!

Cave house white modern kitchen

Rough rock walls and modern furniture

This cave house can be found in Andalucia, Spain and is owned by artist Pilar del Pino. You can rent it for short stays. An inspiring space that doesn’t disappoint at any angle.

Modern white boxes combine with ancient cave to create an artists home

Cave house modern bathroom

Rough cave walls and modern white furniture and woven rugs

Found at The Style Files.

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