Product packaging design for Buttermilk

Buttermilk Confectionery

Our packaging design for Buttermilk’s range of Turkish delight. A complex design that had to work on the distinctive format these treats come in, very enjoyable to create and see working in the flesh.

Buttermilk fudge packaging with our illustration of Port Isaac

Buttermilk label featuring our illustration

We have designed and illustrated many different types of packaging for Buttermilk over the years, from Thank You taper boxes to presentation boxes, branded grab bags to clean and simple cartons that feature the brand we created.

Buttermilk Confections brochure

Buttermilk approached us on very short notice to create a catalogue to use in an upcoming trade show, so we designed and digitally printed a large and eye catching brochure.

Buttermilk Confections brochure

The spreads did more than simply show their products, it showed off the process and attention to quality the company has.

Buttermilk Confections brochure

Buttermilk Confections brochure

We also created illustrations and produced mockups to stand in for packaging not yet printed.

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