Camel Ski School 2018 tourist leaflet

Camel Ski School

Based on the waterfront in Rock, Camel Ski School provide a variety of water sports. We help our client advertise by designing eye-catching leaflets and beautiful brochures.

Camel Ski School 2018 tourist leaflet

Camel Ski School 2018 tourist leaflet

The 2018 design is full of watercolour textures and shimmery strips. Neon colours complement their website and the big bold black type helps all the different activities stand out. The 6 page folded to DL is distributed around Cornwall in tourist stands and helps connect Camel Ski School with their target audience of locals and holiday makers.

Six page leaflet design for Camel Ski School

For 2016’s tourist season we designed a six page DL flyer distributed throughout North Cornwall in leaflet stands. We kept the colours vibrant and filled the leaflet with action shots as well as using a contemporary font.

2015 Camel Ski School leaflet

The previous years leaflets were of a similar style, we updated the look to keep them looking fresh in the tourists stands.

Leaflet design for Camel Camps

Concertina fold leaflet design for Camel Camps

Camel Ski School also run Camel Camps for schools. In 2012 we created this eight page A6 concertina fold leaflet, printed on 300gsm uncoated stock. Despite printing on an uncoated stock, the colours still leap off the page making this an eye catching brochure, pitched towards younger watersport lovers.

DL flyer design for Camel Ski School

In the same year to reflect the varied nature of the services provided by Camel Ski School, we split their services into three DL flyers, printed on 300gsm stock.

A4 leaflet design for Camel Ski School

Back in 2007, this A4 folded leaflet was designed with the intention to create a something that leapt off the page. Still much loved in the studio.


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