Brochure with wrap, dust jacket design

Camel Ski School

Fresh off the press, our brochure for Rock-based watersports company, Camel Ski School. This project came with a challenge – to design a brochure that housed all their many services (from wakeboarding, waterskiing, kayaking to boat charter and kids clubs), that could also be branded for the St. Moritz hotel. For this we came up with a wrap or dust jacket that would represent both in eye-catching cyan.

Square brochure with wrap in cyan blue

Camel Ski School brochure for St Moritz

The look we went for is full of action, colour coded sections and spacious text. We wanted this brochure to convey the fun of messing about on the water as well as the professionalism of the instructors. With uncoated paper the colours sink in richly and the handy size makes the brochure very pick-up-able.

Wakeboarding and waterskiing brochure design

Rock, Cornwall, is a beautiful place and few things can be better than enjoying the Camel estuary by boat, ski or board.