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Jo & Co Home

Recently we have been working with Jo & Co, a great lifestyle and homeware brand based just outside Wadebridge at Hawksfield. With a logo in place, what they needed was their brand to be applied to stationery. We started with a postcard using their beautiful photographs and keeping the design very minimal. We wanted to communicate the quality of the brand with clean type and constrained colour palette.

Jo & Co postcard design

The postcard was also designed to serve as a compliment slip too. We used the contact details as a frame on the crisp white page.

Jo & Co giftcard

Next we designed a gift card – the near black Pantone covers the front, the white logo fresh against the intense blue. On the back we introduced a subtle pink and a hand written script.

Jo & Co gift card with envelope

We also sourced envelopes for the gift cards in a rich, dark blue.

Jo & Co letterhead

Jo & Co letterhead close up

For invoices and official letters we designed a single sided letterhead. Just using the same Pantone we maximised the white space. The bordered text appears again and we use a frame to enclose the content.

Jo & Co Bespoke envelope

It was important to the client and us that the process of receiving something bought from them in the post was memorable. Therefore to house the invoice we designed bespoke envelopes in the rich dark blue minimally printed with their circle logo. The saturated paper feels luxurious as you lift the fold.

Jo & Co Bespoke envelope

Jo & Co Bespoke envelope

The inside is simply printed with ‘Thank you’ for that personal touch.

Jo & Co Bespoke envelope

The reverse is printed with the contact details in crisp white.

Circular stickers for Jo & Co

We also producedĀ some one colour circular stickers for the lifestyle brand in two designs and white printed tissue paper. The white logo on the white transparent paper is a lovely subtle way to brand the packages they send.

Advert design for Jo and Co Home

This is the advert we designed in keeping with the brand to help launch the new website. Simple colour scheme and typography reflecting the stationery we created.

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