A6 flyer design for Rocke & Nutter

Rocke & Nutter

Rocke & Nutter are a great lifestyle brand based online with a passion for handmade Cornish goods. They also create beautiful upclycled bags made from reclaimed sails, high vis jackets and horses reigns.

We designed them a postcard that could promote their brands at trade shows and markets. We took inspiration from their geometric logo and created a triangular design.

A6 flyer design for Rocke & Nutter

We used sunset pinks on the front and on the back went for a vintage postcard style.

A6 flyer design for Rocke & Nutter

We added little elements of illustration and texture to add to the tactile feel.

A6 flyer design for Rocke & Nutter

Beautiful uncoated 300gsm stock gives this promotional item a sense of luxury, the postcard works well as an advertisement that people would want to keep.

Roller banner designs for Rocke & Nutter

We also designed for Rocke & Nutter two roller banners that carried the brand across. Ideal for craft markets and really handy.

Labels we designed for Rocke and Nutter

These are the labels we designed for the Rocke & Nutter bags. We also hellped with initial concepts for how the bags should look.

Rocke and Nutter label by Pickle Design

Rocke and Nutter bag and label design

The labels are pressed into leather and complement these beautifully striking bags.

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