The South West Magazine Logo

The Southwest Magazine

This is the brand we designed for publication The Southwest Magazine. We used simple typography with vibrant cyan blue and a circle motif to create a look for this promotional magazine.

Although featuring the South West, the publication would be distributed around the London area and needed to have an accessible but sophisticated look.

Cover design for The South West Magazine

Each magazine focussed on a specific place in the South West of England, this one was Bristol. With vibrant and busy images we wanted the front of the magazine to be framed in white.

Spreads for The South West Magazine

Articles ranged from events, recipes, features, points of view, and we coded the articles by colour with a key running along the bottom.

Editorial design for The South West Magazine

Quotes were pulled out in script and we used to complementary typefaces in differing weights.

Recipe page for the southwest magazine

To complement the brand we also designed some stationary and a promotional landscape DL mailer.

Southwest Magazine letterhead

Southwest Magazine letterhead

The South West Magazine complement slip

The South West Magazine complement slip

The Southwest Magazine flyer

The Southwest Magazine flyer

With such beautiful imagery to be working with it makes designing a breeze. The DL flyer gave a hint of what would be inside the publication.

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