Logo design for Trewithen Restaurant

Trewithen Restaurant

Trewithen Restaurant in Lostwithiel approached us because they needed a re-brand. Their delicious cuisine and friendly front of house service was not at all represented in their existing logo so we started from scratch.

The Fork pattern Pickle Design illustrated for Trewithen Restaurant in Lostwithiel

Emma illustrated a variety of forks to create a bespoke pattern for the restaurant. Although Trewithen is a relaxed place they excel in fine dining and the idea of illustrations of different forks appealed to the owners. We chose a muted silvered grey with a rich teal. Clean and unfussy typography help keep the design contemporary. The fork helps people know Trewithen is a restaurant as soon as they see the sign or the logo on the high street.

Mobile friendly website design for Trewithen Restaurant

Website design for Trewithen Restaurant

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Once the brand was created we set about designing the responsive code website. We had lovely rich photographs to work with and took full advantage of the screen size. The circle motif was picked up throughout the website and the clients can add and remove the menus when they need to. We also created illustration to soften the white space and photography. These flourishes separated the testimonials and the suppliers adding layers to the brand.

Stationery design for Trewithen Restaurant

Bill holder design for Trewithen Restaurant

Business card design for Trewithen Restaurant

With the website working we laid out how the menus could work, selecting complementary typefaces and designing the menu sheets themselves. The fork pattern worked well on the back of the menu. A business card and bill holder are all designed to fit in.

Street front signage design for Trewithen Restaurant

Window graphics design for Trewithen Restaurant

Projected roadside signage design for Trewithen Restaurant

Window graphics design for Trewithen Restaurant

To ensure Trewithen made its mark on the high street of Lostwhithiel we designed some exterior signage. A projected circular sign catches your eye as you look down the historic street and we also created artwork for a window graphic.

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