Beer and Cider Festival in North Cornwall one page website design

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Wadebridge Wines Festivals

Much-loved local wine merchant, Wadebridge Wines, decided to host a gin festival in 2016. We created a simple one page website to highlight the event and updated it for them each year.

Wadebridge Wines Gin Festival Website

For 2019 our clients decided to do something a little different. Rather than a gin festival, this year Wadebridge Wines are showcasing their choice stock at a beer and cider festival, and a rum and tequila festival.

Rum and Tequila Festival in North Cornwall one page website design

After creating the brand in keeping with the gin festival, and the two colour graphic style we had created for the umbrella brand, we set about designing one page websites.

Each website links to the other and back to Wadebridge Wines. We used the illustrations from their posters and flyers as well as borrowing the much loved details from the gin festival.

This time our clients can update the text themselves, meaning the websites can stay relevant each year.