The brand Pickle Design created with illustration in blue and green for Wadebridge Wine's gin festival

Wadebridge Wines Festivals

Established wine merchants, Wadebridge Wines have been a client of ours for many years now and as well as helping with their brand we have also created mini identities for their festivals. In 2016 they approached us to design artwork for a gin festival. Emma hand hand illustrated the botanicals that makes up this fashionable drink uses just two colours to great effect.

Illustrated Beer and Cider Festival Branding

For 2019 Wadebridge Wines wanted to do something a little different, created a beer and cider festival as well as North Cornwall’s first Rum and Tequila festival.

Sticking with the two colour aesthetic we chose a deep dark inky purple and a burnt umber with the highlights of white. We draw a craft beer glass and filled it with hand illustration and typography, set off by a star burst background.

Rum and Tequila festival branding

For the Rum and Tequila festival we wanted to communicate the visual languages of these two quite different drinks and their culture. We combined ocean waves for our rum and the Mexican patterns and elements for the tequila, with energetic hand drawn type.