Wade bridge Wines Gin Festival postcards

Wadebridge Wines Festivals

Established wine merchants, Wadebridge Wines, a long standing client of ours, recently branched out into festivals. In 2016 we designed these lovely uncoated 2 colour flyers for their Gin Festival.

For 2019 Wadebridge Wines decided to host a beer and cider festival, as well as a rum and tequila festival. Following the same style of two colour design we created an uncoated flyer with a festival advertised on each side.

Poster design for the Wadebridge Wines Beer and Cider festival

Using illustration and eye-catching typography the A6 flyers match in with the posters and banners as well as the artwork we produced for social media.

Poster design for the Wadebridge Wines Rum and Tequila festival