West Country Candy logo

West Country Candy

This is the new logo we created for West Country Candy in 2015, but we were first approached in 2013 and asked to create a brand from scratch. The company sell confectionery all over this area of England so we designed a logo that helped them stand out. The round one colour logo is flexible and shows a tree, a little like a family tree, suggesting that all the companies they represent matter. The natural element makes the brand feel friendly and accessible.

Westcountry Candy previous logo

With the brand a refresh we went for a more hand finished look, a vibrant turquoise replaced the coral and a new more contemporary font.

Westcountry Candy Brochure Cover

This is the cover a brochure we designed, for which we introduced a brush-stroked stripe.

Westcountry Candy brochure spreads

Westcountry Candy Brochure back

When considering the design for the brochure we needed to create a format that would work for all the companies featured inside. We used the watercolour stripe as headers for the tables and let each brand have a separate colour for clarity.


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