Design Services

We come originally from a print background but expanded into website design not long after the millennium. Now we specialise in branding, print and web design. Our portfolio takes in many different applications of design as over the years we have worked in countless fields, such as magazine design, promotional goods and clothing.

Feel free to contact us about any project you may have in mind, we love new chalenges!

Branding and logo design

Branding and Logo Design

When creating an identity or re-designing an existing brand we provide a flexible service. For clients with a clear idea of the final result, Logo Design is an ideal option, whereas Branding consists of more than simply creating a logo for you. We consider its application throughout your visual presentation and provide you with far more of our time and expertise to assist you in choosing the right direction.

Take a look at other examples of our branding and logo design in our portfolio.


Logo Design

We offer two contracts for logo design, the basic Two Starting Options, where we design two different options based on our discussion with you, or the more expansive Six Starting Options which allows you more scope in the different directions your ideas could take. Once a direction has been selected from these initial choices, two hard copy proofs are submitted for design changes to the chosen logo.

Logo design for Carpet Bright
With this logo we wanted to get across the process of our client’s carpet cleaning system, a dry clean so no downtime, and also the fact that the product and equipment are kind on the environment. Borrowing from vintage visual language we created a concise two colour logo.



In a branding contract, we provide an initial consultation followed by at least eight logo options. We then have a second consultation to discuss your thoughts on those designs, afterwards providing you with four more logo options. Once a direction has been selected from these four choices, two hard copy proofs are submitted for design changes to that logo.

Logo design for Trewithen Restaurant
This is the new logo we created as part of the rebrand of Trewithen Restaurant in Lostwithiel. The illustrated fork is carried through into many aspects of their print and signage.

Stationery design and print for Trewithen Restaurant
This lovely restaurant use A4 sheets to print out their menus each day, so as part of our rebrand we designed and printed single sided menu sheets carrying their new artwork. For the menu itself we created a template which could be altered as required. Their bill holders have a strong flat colour inside.

Website design for Trewithen Restaurant
The brand we created for Trewithen Restaurant was carried across onto the website. A fully responsive design that adapts beautifully to mobile, tablet and desktop.

Sign design for Trewithen Restaurant
Signage for Trewithen Restaurant carried the brand through to their street side presence, applied to their window in stripped graphics.