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Cool paint splatted shirt

Street Style

20th August 2019

Who doesn’t love a spot of people watching! Finding a lovely street-side cafe and watching the world walk by is a lovely pass time – not too much time for that recently though. I have been enjoying the work of photographer Søren Jepsen, his blog The Locals is a great source of street style inspiration.

Two women snapped in stylish goats and overalls

Great look captured on the streets, nod to the 80s

He follows the fashion shows around the world, photographing those in the know on the pavements rather than the catwalk. You get this lovely mix of urban landscapes with high-fashion ensembles, all effortlessly thrown together, traffic-stopping looks.

Dress and trousers combination

Street style photography women

I enjoy seeing how the different cities bring their own vibe, from Copenhagen to London, from Paris to Budapest.

Slouchy soft warm layers

Preppy look for men

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