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Minimalist children's race car

The Minimalist Race Car

8th January 2019

When thinking kid’s toys bright primary colours come to mind, but then I was a child of the 1980s. These days the world of children’s play is all about natural, simple and in the case of the Solid Race Car, very minimal.

Oak and walnut children's car

I like the honesty of this design, it leaves everything up to the child’s imagination which as we know is a vast and verdant world of wonder. Looking back, some of the best playtimes my sibling’s and I had were with the cardboard box the toy came in!

Minimalist race car for children

Child playing with a minimal race car

The sleek car design has been built to last by Dutch Designer Lex Pott, handcrafted from one single piece of solid oak and finished with walnut wheels. In the series we have a car, a bus and a race car. Beautiful objects made with natural materials, a sustainable design that wouldn’t look out of place in a sleek modern home.

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