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Angular plywood and white metal chair

The P-11 Chair

14th February 2017

As you know at Pickle, we love chairs (well we do spend most of our working day sitting), our 2014 calendar just scratched the surface showcasing the variety of ways we humans can find to make seat! From the ludicrous to the sublime. This morning I came across the P-11 chair by Russian designer Maxim Scherbakov.

Angular plywood and white

Close up of an angular plywood and white

He set himself the task of creating a chair that had no fasteners. The P-11 is a one piece wire frame sprayed white and with a seat that comprises of triangular plywood panels. These panels catch the light producing a pleasingly modern chair which has depth and beauty.

Angular plywood and white metal chair

Angular plywood and white

The simplicity of the design and geometric shape are so satisfying, every angle delivers!

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