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Tropical print inspiration

Tropical Breeze

19th July 2016

It is hot hot hot here in the studio today. Fan on, windows open and doors wide. So we thought we’d bring you something a little tropical. There is a definite trend for exotic prints at the moment, that 1950s favourite can be found on anything from wallpaper to cake. Sun is so fleeting in England – you have to celebrate the summer while you can! Enjoy.

1 – A hand-blocked 1950s dress featured in magazine Women’s Home Companion.  2 – Toucan illustration by Charlotte Trounce for Wrap Magazine.  3 – Cassie Byrnes luxurious palm illustration.  4 – The iconic wallpaper has appeared on everything from a Maria Carey album cover to Friends the TV show, and here – on a cake!  5 – Illustration from surface artist Shelley Steer.  6 – Tropical Tendencies art print by Little Clyde.  7 – Palm tree fabric with a real laid-back lived-in vibe.  8 – Cassie Byrnes is Melbourne-based designer, love the movement in her prints.  9 – Beautiful graphic design from Emily Gillis for Maini & Chern sleepware.  10 – Toucan print by Komita Art, the colours really pop!  11 – Illustrator Kate Pugsley paints some very cute leopards!

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